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What is the "secret" of team success?

We often see in the the field of team sports that many times only individual performances are being emphasized. So it looks like in many cases that the team success is solely dependant only on a few chosen individuals. (I am not saying at all that top individual performances are not necessary for the team success). 

I am convinced that every team success is being achieved by the long-term and day to day professional and dutiful work of every team member. And by the team member, I do not only mean players, but all the people involved in the club, including keepers, masseurs/physiotherapist, coaches (all the coaches, not only head coach, but also other coaches: e.g. fitness coach, mental coach... ), and for sure the management of the club.

If only one of these "components" is not working properly, the long-term success is hardly achieved. It is necessary that all the members of this "chain" will be working together. Goals, visions and philosophy of the club must be mutually shared, they have to be literally under the skin of every person in the club, especially person working directly with the team (And again I am not talking only about players....). 

We do not have to lie to ourselves: professional sport is mainly about the results! However it is so difficult to achieve any success in the current competetive environment.  

From the mental aspect, sharing the philosophy, goals and certain understanding is crutial. 

How to achieve the state that all the segments of club are working properly, supporting each other and having a positive environment most of the time? 

From my perspective, the answer lies in undestanding the principles behind human experience. 

Generally people think that their feelings are products of their environment. So logically there are hunting for success as they suppose that achieving success will have direct positive and long-lasting impact on their life experience (simply said: that they will experience positive feelings). 

Many athletes (for sure not only athletes) have based their life on money, their financial account, their professional contract... E.g. "If I earn this amount of money, I would be finally secure..."

"If I buy such car, I would be confident, satisified... etc.". So their life experience is based on material things (world of form).

What if our feelings are not connected to the world of form? (money, property, success, trophies...).

What if our feelings are 100% products of our thinking in the moment? 

How would my mental "setting", my own perception, perception of teammates, coaches, even opponents look like? 

Would not it mean I will not be motivated enough and so not forced to achieve anything?  (winning a game, trophy, competition... )

I am more than sure (as well as I see it in my practice) that the complete opposite is true! 

A person that truly and deeply realizes his true nature and real source of his experience, is  experiencing more freedom, he/she is spending more time in the present (eventhough a present moment is the only real time zone.. past and future are only "real" in our thoughts...). His mind is not so occupied with contaminated personal thinking as there is less and less misunderstanding about his source of experience. The by-product of this understanding is bigger productivity, creativity, effectiveness, and last but not least people are more often enjoying life on the field and off the field as well. 

He is not hunting for success in order to achieve certain feelings... He/she understands that his/her feelings are solely connected to thought in the moment. He is not searching for feeling states in the world of form.  He realizes that his human value is in no way related to his performace, success, the amount of money on his account, or to winning or losing the trophy... Just to be clear: I am not saying that material things are bad. I am just pointing you to the real source of your moment to moment experience... and this source cannot be found in the world of form...  

This understanding is opening you the doors to the deeper levels of life... and with this understanding, there is a higher tendency to achieve long-term success... 

Let me return back to the beginning of this article where I have emphasized the importance of every member of the club. If this understanding is shared by all the members of the team (club), then the  success is from the long-term logical and natural result of all the team effort.

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