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"From my own experience, I know that what is happening inside the head of an athlete has significant influence on his performance. I am even convinced that mental aspect has a greater importance than the physical one. Mentally tough athletes are more confident, good tempered and from the longer perspective, they are more successful in reaching their goals and at the same time they are able to enjoy this journey much more. 
Every athlete is different and everyone reacts on the pressure, worries and expectations in a different way. So from my point of view, it is natural and even unnecessary to have somebody besides you that is able to help you with all those issues. 
As I know Michal as an active athlete and perceptive person, I am sure he has all the preconditions for the professional and as well as right human approach in helping athletes to be more effective and to find the inner sources necessary for their success." 
"After the 1st meeting, I was convinced that Michal is fully aware of the area of mental preparation of athletes. As a former active football player, he also personally understands what is happening inside the head of athletes before, during, as well as after the match. I believe Michal is the right choice - the right coach, especially for young athletes in order to help them achieve their goals and prepare them fully from the mental game perspective". 

Dominik Graňák, professional hockey player, National player of Slovakia; 

(Slavia Prague, Färjestad, Dinamo Moscow); currently playing for Rögle BK, Sweden

Martin Ševela, Ex-professional footballer (soccer-player), currently football manager of the Slovak „A“ team Slovan Bratislava 

"I am very glad to work with Michal. Even after the input coaching session, I was leaving his office appropriately motivated. Michal is the right mental coach for me as he was also an active athlete.  He exactly knows what I feel before, during and afther the match. Thanks to his sport experience and professional knowledge (understading), I receive understandable advice and recommendations.   He is pointing me towards the only Truth, I am enjoying the game and have positive attitude and passion towards the hockey again. I use the inputs from our coaching in my professional as well as in my personal life". 

Karol Sloboda, 

professional hockey player (Slavia Praha, Slovan Bratislava, Lada Tolyatti); currently playing for HC Vítkovice Ridera


"I have know Michal for a long time. We have played together in the football academy of AS Trencin. He has combined his personal sports experience with proper education and with his attitude, he is ready to help athletes and as well as trainers to build and strenghten their competences in the area of mental preparation".   

Juraj Ančic, 

ex-professional footballer (AS Trenčín, FK Slovan Liberec, Sparta Prague);
football manager of AS Trenčín

"Michal is a well educated guy, always willing to learn new things and consequently apply them in practice. With his desire to help others, he is the right mental game coach to help you to unleash your full potential and achieve better results". 
“I have used Michal´s mental services in my preparation for a title fight in Ukraine. He has provided me plenty of useful information, mainly focused on concentration and relaxation. My confidence has also improved a lot. Michal´s advantage in the area of combat sports is obvious as he is also a skilled BJJ athlete, coach and MMA refree, so he can better understand what exactly is happening inside the head of a fighter".  

Róbert Delič, professional MMA fighter and coach;

"Michal is a highly experienced teacher, coach and consultant, and now he has added the latest and most potent IMGCA mental game coaching approaches to his toolkit.
He will be able to build his business to a very high level in Slovakia. Michal has a very analytical mind, one that is adept at taking any issue his client presents, and devising a solution to it so the client can learn and perform to their potential.
With his sparkling personality and his sense of humor, I can see how his clients really enjoy their sessions and benefit from his coaching. Michal combines a coach's enthusiasm, a counselor's keen eye for detail and true compassion for his clients, so he can do everything possible to help them grow and succeed.
Michal will always take a systematic approach to extending his knowledge in the mental game field. His professionalism is very evident. I can see Michal becoming one of the top sport psychology providers in Slovakia and eventually even the leader in this field".

Bill Cole, MS, MA, Founder and President of IMGCA


"Eventhough I am mentally very tough, I was interested in working with the mental game coach. By coincidence, I have found that Michal is a certified mental game coach and I decided to use his coaching services. By using new approaches, Michal was able to discover further inner resources within  me. I feel even better than before and I am ready to take any new challenges in my professional career of thai boxer and K1 fighter". 

Martin Pacas, professional K1 and Mai Thai fighter 

World champion WKF K1 2012
World champion WKU K1 2014
Slovak Muay Thai Champion 2011


"Already after the 1st session with Michal, I have experienced a significant stress and pressure relief that was previously a part of my daily life. His understanding of principles behind human experience has helped me in my sport carreer as well as in my personal life". 

Ivan Baranka, professional ice hockey player, National player of Slovakia;  

HC Vítkovice
(former clubs: New York Rangers, Spartak Moscow, Salavat Julajev Ufa, Avangard Omsk, HC Slovan Bratislava, Rögle BK


"I am more than satisfied with the cooperation with Michal. His coaching has helped me to return back after the severe injury, without stress and worries from repeated injury.  His simple, yet profound understanding how the mind works is helping me not only in my professional carreer, but as well as in my personal life". 

Mário Bližňák, professional ice hockey player, National player of Slovakia;  

HC Bílí Tygři Liberec
(former clubs: Vancouver CanucksHC Sparta PrahaHC Slovan Bratislava, Škoda Plzeň


"I have worked with Michal in Slovan Bratislava. His coaching has had a positive impact on my football as well as on my private life. I think mental coaching should be an essential part of a professional sport team. I could highly recommend Michal as a mental coach".   

Róbert Vittek, ex-professional football player, captain of National team of Slovakia; best striker of World Cup 2010;

Michal is involved in various sports projects. He has been working with TOP Slovak athletes, including pro-soccer club Slovan Bratislava and pro-hockey teams such as HK Dukla Trenčín and HK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš. 
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