Your wellbeing is not dependant on your circumstances

Within my mental coaching practice, I have been hearing a lot from the side of my clients (vast majority of them are professional athletes) that the outside circumstances are related to their experience of life.


- If I had scored in the match, I would have been more satisfied.

- If I signed a new contract, I would not be insecure anymore.

- If my coach trusted me more, I would play much better... etc.

In all the above mentioned examples, a client of mine was looking at the outside circumstances and people as the primary cause of his/her experience of life. We have a tendency to look outside to explain our current mood level. Not just in relation to the negative feelings, but to the positive ones as well. I was not exception at all. For every single feeling I was experiencing, I looked outside to find the cause of this feeling (past, current circumstance, people, places... etc.).

However roughly 3 years ago, I came across a simple understanding how the mind works. I deeply realized that our perception of life has a zero connection to our outside circumstances.

(Photo: It was taken on the conference in London last year. Michael Neill will be also one of the speakers at the conference).  

Surely it often looks that way to me even these days, but deep inside of me, I know this is an "outside-in illusion" that is created via thought in the moment. All our feelings are created from the power of thought: from the inside-out, but it looks like they are created from the outside (outside-in illusion). Instead of looking at the real source of our moment to moment experience, we are innocently looking for outside cause to justify our feelings: e.g. coach, contract, my latest performance... etc. We do not realize that our feelings are not telling us anything about us, about the coach, about the certain circumstance... etc.

One of the insights I had is that our wellbeing has never left us. It is covered by our personal thinking (concepts) that is nourished by outside-in illusion. When the personal thinking falls away, there is just life! Life full of love, contentment, creativity, understanding... etc.

When you want to explore deeply this simple, yet profound understanding, do not hesitate to attend an international 2-day conference in Prague on the 18th and 19th of May. There will be plenty of speakers that had been personally impacted by this understanding and they have been pointing their clients in the same direction. 

For more details, visit the following web page:

Looking forward to meeting you personally.

With love, passion, and understanding


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