Professional soccer: fun or business?

We have been reading, listening, and watching a lot of experts in the field of professional soccer saying that the current soccer has been „damaged“ by the great amount of money spent in high transfers, incredible amount of money spent on salaries of the players... etc.

From my perspective, „average“ soccer players have started to blindly seek for better salary conditions, for luxury cars... etc. Many of those players are seeking for those things in order to improve their well-being. They assume that if I had better salary, I would be happier... if I bought this car, I would be more confident.... etc. By this never-ending search, they are loosing their passion and love that has brought them to play soccer in the 1st place.

They are moving further away from their true nature. Further away from the space that is full of love and enjoyment. The space where extraordinary performances are taken place.

Do not get me wrong- by no way I am saying money is not important. Of course, they are! But they naturally come with the process itself. If you are deeply involved and devoted to what you are doing, then success in an inevitable part of this journey. And naturally money comes with the success.

On the contrary, when you are only thinking about money, about better conditions, expensive belongings, they are somehow not coming as expected.

Many people have the opinion that professional sport is only business, not fun anymore. In my opinion, I do not see any problem with combining these two elements. Having fun and earning money. Even myself, when I am more relaxed, when I am enjoying what I am doing at the moment, in most cases, money are a natural byproduct of this activity.

So, in case you are a professional footballer and want to have more money: return to a natural state that is full of love, compassion, fun, and excitement. The state without no judgement, little or no personal thinking, full of connection and understanding- and I bet you that amazing things are starting to happen...

With passion


#soccer #fun #business #understanding

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