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Positive feelings are part of our true nature

I have been inspired to write this short blog by many of my clients asking me a very similar question related to the source of our feelings.

Majority of people suppose that our feelings are directly connected to our outside cirmumstances (including people), our financial situation, success, fame... etc.

From a very young age, this illusion is reinforced (often innocently) by our parents, teachers, media... etc. As we suppose our feelings are byproducts of outside circumstances, it seems logical for us to chase the outside circumstances such as money, properties (material possessions) as we innocenly think they will bring us happiness and joy.

This ilusion is continually nourished by misunderstanding where are feelings are coming from. I can surely state that our feelings are definitely not connected to the above mentioned external factors.

E.g. In case we focus on financial situation: we suppose that if we earn more, we would not have feelings of insecurity... if we look at money as something that could create feelings of security and contentment inside of us, we are looking in the wrong direction... there is no amount of money that could secure all those positive feelings inside of you...

Why? Because there is no connection between your feelings and outside circumstances, in this case, your financial situation. Our feelings are 100% of the time connected to power of thought, they are in no way related to our outside circumstances.

If you see (feel) this understanding on a deeper level, that there are no outside circumstances (including people) that could create feelings inside of you, you will consequently experience happiness, security, and contentment that will set you free from the outside-in illusion. You wil be naturally drawn into the present moment. You will feel that your life experience is not connected to the outside world, eventhough it would look like in many cases.

Thought comes, it is brought to life by consciousness, and we experience our subjective reality. As this process happens automatically and so fast, we are usually not aware we exprience thought in the moment, but we associate our feelings to outside circumstances or people. We are often finding reasons of our feelings in our past or future. That often results in our feelings of frustration and insecurity.

In case you deeply realize that our feelings are solely connected to thought in the moment and you do not look for reasons of our feelings in the outside world, our past or future, you are then able to quickly return to the present moment. The time zone that is full of positive feelings such as joy, love, motivation, creativity... etc.

In our true nature, we are like small children that experience wide range of emotions without any judgement and further evaluation of certain emotion. Children do not yet analyze their feelings, their analytical thinking is not developed yet- that is actually a primary reason why they spend most of their time in the present moment.

A lot of people, especially these days, are looking for quick fixes of their „problems“ and unwanted emotions. They are searching for magic technique, strategy or tool to relieve their suffering. In case you still do some techniques, you have not changed in heart. There could be a certain technique or tool that will help you short-term, but in case you stop doing it, you will return to your thinking and behaviour patterns. In order to achieve long-lasting results, you have to understand the things on a deeper level. Not just change one pattern by another one...

Unfortunately, the vast majority of self-development approaches is based on this misuderstanding. E.g. in case your motivation is solely based on your income, your performance will suffer from the long term perspective, you would be tight as you suppose your feelings are connected to the outcome. In such a case, you are like to experience a certain level of burnout.

What if everything you think so far is contrariwise? What if your positive feelings are always available and are actually a part of you? What if you do not have to do anything on a mental level? Same as a small child that is doing nothing to get from a „bad“ emotion to a „good“ one... (There is actually no good or bad emotions= all emotions are natural and human). What if our mental health has never left us and it is still part of us? It is just temporarily covered by our personal habitual thinking that is nurtured by outside-in illusion of life... What if this is 100% true? How would your life change?

#positivefeeling #truenature #powerofthought #thought #insideout #outsidein

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