There is a zero connection between a state of mind and performance

„During the warm-up, I felt like a shit! I was thinking all those negative thoughts about my upcoming performance: „I am not able to play well. I am not ready at all. What if I injure once again? I cannot disappoint my coach, teammates, fans... etc.“ And suddenly I realize, OMG I could be thinking and feeling anything, but it does not mean it is true! I woke up to the fact that I am a thinker...“

Professional hockey player, national player of Slovakia: a client of mine.

There are two very well experienced football players. The upcoming match is in „front of the door“. A football player „A“ is feeling good, ready to go, confident and relaxed. A football player „B“ is feeling nervous, insecure and worried. Who is able to play well?

99% of people I have asked this question have logically answered that the player „A“ is in a much better condition in order to play well.  However my answer to this question is that BOTH players are able  to perform well!

There are certain principles that are „responsible“ for our moment to moment experience.

Here are a few points I commonly discuss with my clients (not only athletes):  

  1. No matter what is happening inside our head, we are able to play well.

  2. Our state of mind is saying „nothing“ about us, our perfomance, our past or future.

  3. Our mood is not dependant on the outside circumstances or people.

  4. Our state of mind changes all the time. One minute we could feel insecure, nervous, worried and a moment later, we are enjoying the game, we are confident and passionate.

  5. We have a great capacity to think and so to feel anything.

  6. None of our states of mind is better than the other. All of them are a part of human experience.

  7. The more I try to get all those positive feelings, the more I am „stucked“.

  8. The less I interfere with the natural flow of thought, the more productive, confident, secure, passionate I am.

  9. Innate health is something that is an essential part of us since we are born until we die.

  10. The only thing we can experience 100% of the time is the power of thought.

If you wish to learn more about this simple, yet very profound understanding, I am inviting you for the international conference „Understanding the human mind“ that would take place in Prague on the 18th and 19th of May. 

We will have enough time to answer the above mentioned questions + much more. :)

More information could be found on the following web page:

With passion, love and understanding 


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