Present moment- the only real time zone

We have heard from so many wise man throughout the history that the present moment is the only time zone that exits and so it is real. Everybody realizes that it is important to live in the present moment.. Why are then so many of us leaving the present moment and majority of time spent in the past or in the future?

It is because of power of thought. It takes us away from present to the past or future. According to various studies in this field, we spend in average 96% of the time in the past or future.

2 years ago, I stumbled accross a simple understanding how the mind works, how we are creating our reality moment to moment.

I could not really believe that my mind was so busy. I used to spent the vast majority of my time in the past or in the future.

In comparison to children, it is completely opposite. They play with their friends, they are fully involved in the present activity, enjoying the time, full of enthusiasm and happiness. Because they have not „learned“ to worry and analyse too much yet.

Do not get me wrong, analytical thinking is a great „tool“, however not effective when you want to get from the low mood.

I used to analyse my feelings so much and as a result , I was a lot of time frustrated, not motivated, out of energy and sometimes even depressed and anxious. I thought that it is pretty normal for a responsible father to be stressed out. I even thought it is in my genes to be anxious or depressed.

What I have not realised is that my reality is 100% created from the inside-out. It means that everything I perceive as reality is an internal job. Thought comes, it is brought to life by consciousness and we perceive it as reality. So everything what we think looks real to us.

As people do not realize this simple fact of life, they have tendency to fight their feelings by different things- external stratetegies, techniques, tools.... etc. So, instead of letting the feelings go on its own, we start to push them away, fight them, and as a result, we leave the present moment... Thought comes and goes, so our feelings... So the best „strategy“ is to stay away from this process...

e.g. In order to get rid of stressful feelings, we used to apply breathing techniques, meditation, and even medication. Many of us do not realize that mental health is our birthright. It is our fundamental „setup“. It is just covered by our misunderstanding where are feelings come from. We assume that our feelings are caused by something outside of us, a person or a circumstance... The fact is that the only thing we can experience is Thought... we cannot experience anything else, as there is no other direct connection to our feelings... feelings are solely and always connected to Thought...

When you truly realize the real and the only source of our feelings- Thought (energy), your life becomes simpler, you are more creative, more productive, and able to enjoy life much more than you used to as you will be spending much more time in the present moment.

This simple, but profound understanding has changed my life for better and is changing the lives of my clients as well...

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